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I am Gabrielle, and I am a writer, copy editor, and public relations consultant with a broad background in a variety of industries that include pharmacy, space flight, science, computer software, science fiction, retail, real estate, law, and entertainment.

Google me. I dare you. You will see that I was once an actress and a comedian. My acting gave me the skills for communication, building relationships with others, telling stories, and pitching a business. So, while I know how to pitch a good story, I also know how to make a story about deburring equipment and pipettes as exciting as an actor’s appearance on the Today Show. 

My experience includes journalism, public relations, communications, internal relations, human resources, marketing, Website development, and social media marketing. The scope of materials that I create include processes, policies, manuals, guides, white papers, press releases, media alerts, Web sites, graphics, newsletters, marketing videos, public relations plans, crisis relations plans, and more.

As a technical writer, I enjoy being a bridge between science and the rest of the world and helping others understand how science, business, and all of its components work.

In addition to successful writing, I believe the two most important skills a writer can possess include understanding the audience and effective communication. I use these two tools to be a channel for your voice and your message. Ultimately, my goal is to help you reach your company goals one grammatically correct word at a time.

 *On each page, I have written a little excerpt about a few of my favorite scientists. The photographs, to the best of my knowledge, are free of known restrictions under copyright law. The words are mine, written from research and pure love for the sciences. On those days when I wish to see further and learn more, I stand upon the shoulders of these phenomenal individuals.